introduction and Character story.

On the 1st sun of the 1st Astral moon a Miqo'te born of the seeker of the sun's clan was crying out like all newborns do,this new born baby was named Z'leica,however,due to her father vanishing into thin air during one night, and her mother dying two years later The young baby would grow up a good part of her life,with-out a last name or any gil to her this orphan did not see life as it was, rather as one big play ground,to a tribe of strict rules and old laws of survival,this puny sorry looking girl, would be stiring up trouble,fighting other kids for mocking her looks,being poor and family-less. many times going into the markets of Ul'dah and stealing coin or coning her way with claims of selling anyone suckered enough to a child's claims of having lucky Magitek gauntlets and selling them for a hefty price. However the girl would be long gone before the buyer notice, the poor and awfully constructed the goods really were. Though as always justice and laws caught up to her, time after time.The Misfit Z'leica waiting in a cell block depending on her luck or on a wooden stool for her foster caretakers to come and get her,though when reaching the age of nine or seven depending if she even remembers her own actual age,she once more locked up awaiting for her foster folks to come and get her,hours, to days,to weeks, the girl soon found she was alone this time. the weeks that followed the young-troubled Seeker worked as maiden serving, ale glasses,washing,and cleaning floors,rugs dishes and even assisting the owner with keeping gil logs on owe tabs,Many might argue this as unfitting and cruel but they did not know the Orphan well enough or they too would be lashing out for her misfit ways!

And over the few months that passed the girl still always full of miss-behaving adventures and getting rich fast art was still burning as ever though more careful in the slightest of her choices,Young Z'leica soon found interests of marital arts, and swordplay after, witnessing theses skills and feast demonstrated in front of live people,night and day passed quickly in the girl's own little world, saving up gil,or slyly stealing items needed, Making her own fists weapons,and sword as well a shield,sneaking into the guilds of Pugilist and Gladiator over hearing the lessons and watching the followers hone and improve their skills entranced and admire by these skills the Young worked in secret and away from prying on hay dummies, and empty bottles and tin-cans,however a night passes and the seeker,late for turning in for bed, finds the owner of the pub lifeless and bloody on his floor.the drunken and wicked men of Hyur swarmed the girl, might as she attempted she was still only a kid and was defeated,though before the me could do anything to maim or worse.A Hyur woman clad in colorful clothing, of sun-kiss yellow,has moved so fast,the second man felt the strangers blow,as the 1st on reminded on the floor next to the dead barkeeper.before the other two could utter curses and swears.The stranger merely flex's his arms as the ground neath him crumbles and breaks creaking as a force blows them away.Weather out of pity or he foresaw someone in the young girl,The man declares his name as Sikeu,Young Z'leica,now given a choice to life a sad, and dead ended life,or to embrace a new and opened one with so many path ways it'd make her head spin.

So in the cold dark night of Ul'dah the Seeker taken away to a new life and adventure,though not entirely what she expected,as nights and days passed they came across they city of Ala Mhigo her new home,and life begun admiring her brother, and starting a new life young Z'leica Now Uiske Dreamsong,in a family of highlanders, a great uncle with almost insane tales of the Dragonsong war and her adopted mother and father who once were students of a order now banned and merely forgotten and of course Sikeu, Young Uiske changed over the course moons and suns that passed she trained While king Theodoric of ruin gave into madness burning and wiping out many members of the fist of Rhalgr, the young woman laid,safely and yet in secret away from the ashes ever burning long training in serenity of her new home and family. Studying,reading old scrolls and dusty tomes,learning of the fist of Rhalgr and of their ascetic warrior ways.No longer a misfit,no more cunning and get rich with bad handy work goods,no longer.just puny, sad looking Z'leica. sleeping in cold rooms, she had a family, and had finally belonged.

However as strength opens many doors, it leaves a void and the years passed so did ideas,and the winds,the might of Garlean forces, and it's vast empires,of killers,widow makers and magitek it was of course no Surprise Uiske joined up with the few to oppose their submit or die methods.the young woman no longer a monk,or just a misfit child, now a resistance fighter.earning her name,and allies and comrades among her rebel peers, of course her family and brother at her side. What started as means to defend her own home and family,turned to defending and protecting her friends to.. revenge for her fallen friends, and widows and children. then to no more then,blood lust hunts for any who bear the marks of the Garlean empire.However, the true hate, and betrayal came not from the ones she hunted and war, but by the one who stood by her. in his own conquest for power and swift ending with fame,Sikeu Dreamsong gave into his despair. and greed. the many friends and family that stood by him and Uiske no lay dead,old,young,women man even house hold pets.none made it through the night, and on the sunrise of returning to her street, and home, she was welcomed,by Sikeu and his trained Garlean students. lifeless bodies as nothing more then rugs they all stood on them.The seeker, lost in emotion and hate, stricken by the sight, a sight she'll never forget, attacked.ending the lives of a few of Sikeu's students, however,try as she might,angry as she was she was still only one person, and her dis-harmony with Chakra against her. a battle with the mind and body as justification and limits and power tested in the end the Seeker fell defeated,

nearly beaten to death and bound in a cell she awaited for her death sentence by none other then her own brother.on the night before her death sentence, the Seeker resorting to her own and witty ways,using a leg from a broken chair,skull of a dead Dodo bird.The seeker. broke free of her cell, and taking her vent out on her wardens as she broke out that night. starve and dying of thirst. Uiske left Ala Mhigo,though close to dying from her lack of fluids,food and injuries she came across a unlikely friend.A pale chocobo something you would not see or expect so far out as it looked for grub in the morning struggling to earn it's friendship, and proving herself to the creature. many failed times did it attempt to peck her and kick her to death however, she was able to find the will to please this Chocobo she finally gotten the creatures trust, along the way out of the dread city once called home finding food and water. from there the Seeker left the dunes, a city of death and betrayal making her way to just about anywhere but her now lost home.