1.House Rules. (Effective immediately)
Treat Each other with respect and dignity. We are all old enough to know how to coexist. No OOC Drama will be permitted. IC drama is permitted, but OOC drama (Ie. Trolling, harassment, berating members for something we may not agree upon) will result in a discussion and appropriate action. (Do not criticize people for their methods of play or censor their RP please. We all pay a sub. to play this game so please respect each other.)
Healthy debates are allowed as long as we do not allow them to get out of hand.
1. FC chat is not edited or restricted. Rarely will a conversation be requested to redirect. (most chat is regarded as late teen to adult. There are profanity filters in the game utilize them if needed.)
2. The FC chat is OOC unless indicated In-character (Example:[FC] <Alexandria Miraudont> IC: All personnel please report to the home base for a meeting.)
3. Please aid us in making the FC the best it can be. Let's keep in mind from time to time others may need assistance. On the same note, Let's not abuse our members and keep in mind they have things they would like to accomplish. Be mindful of this when we ask for assistance. Sometimes we forget and repeatedly ask for assistance without even attempting to complete our objective using the tools of the game. Also please assist in helping us with generating AP for buffs and tanks for the Airship.
Preference: FC first, outside second. If i am building a group for an event, content or raid. I will generally check within the FC first. I will try to incorporate any one who wishes to join us.
Event structure:
4. Events: We are a RP Free Company so their will be events from time to time. I ask that when a scheduled event comes up let's try to attend. Reason for this is the more we interact with each other the stronger our bonds will become. Granted there are Events that are outside of your capability due to level restrictions and such, but they are always preceded with a social gathering, Reason I ask for attendance is so everyone can have an idea on what is unfolding in the FC or the world around us. Most events are not mandatory, but attendance for the social event is appreciated. Mandatory events are a rarity.
5.Progression groups within the FC. I am aware we have a few groups geared towards progression go ahead and ask around and see if you can become involved. Also we will be placing a designated raid night, exp night and other nights into place to help with character and endgame progression on a more casual level.
6. Exploratory Events:We will be hosting events that incorporate exploration whether it be a jaunt into the diadem or another dungeon these will happen from time to time when scheduling these events I will plan material for all levels to participate in..

This is a rule that i have included and decided to place in here at the end of this post.
Most important thing making it rule 1
Have fun! this is a game you pay to play. enjoy it!

Last but not least: I have an Open door policy. If something needs addressed please approach me or an officer and we will meet to discuss suggestions, concerns or issues.