Chief Explorer- Lead Explorer and Overseer of all company functions
Headmistress- Legal and operations lead of the company and the director of education within the Academy.
Chief Operative- Have basic operation leads These are the Officers of the company.
Master Artisan: These are the specialists of crafting
Aikon: Support Staff for the adventurers in the field.Assistant to Master Explorer
Operative: Field lead. These members are field officers.
Instructor: These Specialists within a field are available to help answer questions or train students in a new form of battle or craft.
Navigator: Rank Currently closed
Explorer: Petty Officer rank Specialist One: Have shown ability in the field along with reached
Adventurer: This is our associate level- Member status awarded.
Student: this is our entry level position. (pre 50 characters are on this level or new members)
Recruit: New members just joining, (probationary level) After this period all members move to Student.
Infirmary: Members that are out of game for 15+days. Previous rank will be restored upon return to game.