Several moons have past and the day for our company nameday is upon us. Several years ago I joined the Maelstrom ExOps as a recruit. During that time we were an affiliation of scouts for the Maelstrom. The mission: Explore the realm and plan for any advancement from Garlemald. This lead to many scouting missions along with missions geared toward securing the safety of Eorzea. These missions were based on military conduct and held our company from performing a basic operation, Exploration. Today, I am pleased to announce to our members our military ties have been broken and our functions have returned to exploring this fair realm and providing services to the realm to aid in it's preservation and well being. That being said, If a contact requires aid on an exploration mission or hunt we will be there to help, but our focus will no longer be to the benefit to the Grand Companies of the city-states. We will aid where we can and work with the scions to secure life for all Eorzeans. We are opening our doors to combat ready Adventurers, The desciples of the crafts, along with support personnel to aid in our endeavors. Combat ready or not everyone will have a role to play in our mission. We also open our doors to grizzled veterans or rookies to the adventurers life. We also will have personnel on hand to assist members in learning a new art being that of adventuring or crafting/gathering. Now for the new name, The black arrows were a Gridanian military organization that worked to the preservation of the realm in a less restricted manner. I felt it fit we adopted the name as a sign of respect to the people who fought to preserve the realm. Our Organization will now be known as the Black Arrow ExOps. We will fly straight and true to our mission and aid all of eorzea.
Alexandria R Miraudont